The technician arrived on time to my appointment and was very courteous and professional. He explained the installation process and did a very clean job; I was very satisfied with the Triple Play service. He left a business card and welcome package for further information, as well as called the next morning to verify that I had no more questions. I was very happy with the service overall and Chris was great.

Mike (Oxnard, Cal.)

I had my Triple Play service installed today. Steve was amazing – he was thorough, explained everything and did a clean install. He deserves a raise! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Jennifer (Manhattan Beach, Cal.)

The technician was very polite and professional. He explained every process of the job and the services that I was getting. The technician left me his personal number and an 800 number to call if I had any issues or questions… he even called back the following day to check up and make sure everything was working correctly and if my husband or I had any questions.

Jamie (Highland, Cal.)