Wise Connect Network Professional Rollout Services

Whether you’re a Wireline Company, Wireless Company, Cable Company, or Telecom manufacture – Wise Connect can help.

Wise Connect Professional Services provides a variety of flexible installation offerings, designed to assist you in planning and implementing your optical and copper Access network solutions.

In 2017 Wise Connect deployed over 2500 sites in US

Whether you are deploying a single site, multi-site, optical, you have the expertise to deploy your network solutions, either for a greenfield application, redesigning networks, or deploying existing hardware in new applications or new locations.

Our Network Deployment Services Include (EF&I)

Engineering services

  • Site surveys
  • Detailed specifications
  • Material lists (FDI/BOM)
  • Drawings
    • As-built
    • Redlines

Program management

  • Feasibility studies
  • Material management
  • Project management
  • Construction management (NSB)

Infrastructure installation

  • Ladder rack complete build design (MTSO/ CO)
  • Equipment cabling
  • Fiber duct installation/design (Plenum/none plenum)
  • Super structure builds
  • Grounding
  • Data center design
  • Data center installation
  • Raised floor installation
  • MUX installation/test
  • Exchange
  • Bay framework, shelves and modules
  • Rack and stack services (pre-installation assembly to save time and money)
  • Highly skilled, experienced technicians; Level I-IV

Turn-up and Testing

  • Continuity testing
  • Loopback testing
  • End-to-end testing
  • BER testing
  • OCx testing
  • T1, DS3, Fiber testing
  • Ethernet testing
  • Fiber testing
  • DT/Script validation
  • Call testing
  • RF testing
  • Cisco
  • DAS network testing
  • Cell site test and turn up
  • ONA support technicians
  • NIC/NOC support technicians

Maintenance and Technical Support

  • Office alarms
  • Network Telemetry Management
  • Synchronization and office timing systems
  • Power capacity management
  • Grounding survey and remediation
  • ONA support
  • Data and script translation
  • NIc/NOC support resources
  • RF plaining/engineering
  • Switch upgrades/testing
  • DS3 installation
  • Fiber installation

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