Wise Connect MDU Services

Are you looking for a partner you can trust to get the job done right every time?

Here at Wise Connect we know that having confidence in your outcomes being achieved with success is top priority. We give you every reason to have confidence that your construction and telecom project work will get done properly, from the initial planning stages, through to the installation and staffing, with test and turn up.

You can have top quality service at a fair price.

When you work with our highly experienced team at Wise Connect, you don’t have to make compromises. If we can’t help you achieve your goals, we’ll tell you. We pride our reputation on completing every job to the exact specifications set out from the start.

Developing local talent is our secret weapon.

Our success in developing a nationwide pool of excellent staff rests in our training efforts.  As a national provider with local resources in almost every state, we combine our management teams’ decades of experience with the highest standard of training for fresh local talent. We provide the training necessary so that every one of our team members has an accomplished level of skill and understanding for all of the products we install on your job.

We maintain our track record for quality product and white glove service.

We know it’s not always easy to locate teams that can fulfill your needs to your expectations, which is why we made it our priority to develop a turnkey service that makes it easy for you to decide to work with us. We prioritize on time delivery and a high level of professionalism across every stage of the nationwide services we offer. We provide you with the peace of mind that we’re taking extremely good care of the entire project from start to finish.

We’re passionate about offering solutions that work for you on every level.

Our Engineers, Installers, Project Managers and local staff resources are used to meeting our clients’ demands for high quality, timely delivery, flexibility and high client satisfaction scores. Our staff work successfully with Home Owners Associations to deliver white glove service every time.

All of our technicians come with Management, Test Equipment, Truck, Tools and Knowledge for both residential and commercial telecom network installation clients.

Our MDU teams successfully connect our Clients Voice, Broadband and Video network installation services to both Greenfield and Brownfield Neighborhoods or Complexes nationwide, through Fiber, Copper or Wireless solutions. We provide extensively trained resources for CPE, Data, Voice and Video; Network Installations Maintenance (Voice, Data and Video), Network Installations Services and Upgrades for both residential and commercial locations.

You can trust our track record.

Our MDU teams have successfully engineered and constructed all different types of MDU; from Garden Style MDU for two or three-story buildings with multiple buildings, to

Mid Rise MDUs (four to six floors) and High Rise MDUs (7 floors or more). Our teams are capable of delivering service on all types of networks, including Satellite, IPTV, GPON, GFAST and more. We’ve completed large communities of over a 1000 units and our teams are adept at managing the week by week challenge of coordinating the work with Greenfield construction.

We provide the following MDU and Telecom Services:


  • Site surveys
  • Consulting with us over project cost and budgeting
  • Project Engineering or Reengineering of Network and Customer Premise Site
  • Order Equipment and Cabling
  • Obtain proper permitting
  • Staffing Plan
  • Onsite project management
  • Project Plan
  • Installation


  • Installation of Network Equipment, Fiber or Copper, Riser, MDF and IDF
  • Installation of OSP/ISP
  • Test Site for light/signal

Post Project

  • Test Site for light/signal
  • Quality Checks
  • Final Redlines or project drawings of site and network
  • Installation of Client services

Don’t risk the success of your project on anything less than the highest level of service available.

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