Wise Connect Engineering Services

With over 40 years of industry experience in the complete range of planning, engineering and support services, Wise Connect can meet your design requirements based on client methods, procedures, systems and expectations. Our commitment is to provide deliverables that meet or exceed your quality and on-time delivery goals on every project.

Our team supports every segment of the industry from ILEC, CLEC, Enterprise, MSOs, government to independent companies with OSP and ISP design services to Bell System, RUS and MSO standards.

Our program management mission statement is to provide superior and full turnkey engineering services through a systematic approach to project management, organization development, training, communications, quality control and infrastructure deployment.

Throughout our nationwide footprint we uphold a consistently high standard of service that our clients expect and can depend on. Our long history of successfully building engineering operations to meet our clients’ needs is based on our structured operational methodology that incorporates every aspect of our clients’ design characteristics and function requirements on an area-by-area basis to scale as required. We establish quality control and documentation methodology that fit our client requirements, establish tracking platforms and communications process to ensure on-time delivery, and can provide geographic deployments of organization structures under a high-level single point of contacts.

Our Outside Plant Engineering services to support all aspects of FTTH, FTTP, FTTN, MDU, BAU or long-haul designs include:

  • Network infrastructure planning, feasibility and cost analysis studies
  • Aerial, buried and underground designs
  • Hub / Nod site surveys and design
  • Permitting
  • Right-of-way acquisition
  • Public Requirements
  • Make ready / Joint use inventories / Structure loading
  • MDU designs for greenfield and brownfield deployments
  • BICSI / RCDD re-equipments
  • Backbone rings and broadband network infrastructure
  • Inspection / Redlines / As-builts
  • Part of turnkey or managed solutions
  • Creation and management of construction RFPs, vendor selection and services
  • Hourly staff augmentation resources

Inside Central Office Access and Network Plant Design Services

  • Network Design
  • Site surveys
  • Detailed specifications
  • Material lists
  • Drawings
  • As Builds
  • Redlines

Enjoy the peace of mind know that every stage of your outside plant services are the highly capable hands of industry leaders.

Give us a call to find out how we can take your project to the next level today on 817-797-5544.