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We know just how important a reputation is in this industry. That’s why we place the right people in the right roles to deliver results time and time again. WiseConnect provides managed services for a variety of businesses. And while each job is different, our focus remains the same: Identifying and attracting industry-leading talent.

Helping Your Business Achieve More For Less

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Meeting Your Demands. Exceeding Your Expectations.

We understand the on-going challenge our partners face when trying to attract skilled associates. We’ve spent years developing a strong pipeline of highly qualified technicians by leveraging the experience and network of our leadership group. This investment in people and industry relationships has uniquely positioned us as a trusted partner in the network space.

What does this mean for you? It means we can provide you with people you can rely on and people you can trust – technicians who do the right thing time and time again.

And it goes beyond people. WiseConnect can also manage support services for wireline companies, cable companies, and wireless network providers. In addition, WiseConnect technicians can serve both residential and commercial telecom clients. It’s a level of service that our partners appreciate given the rapidly changing landscape of our industry.


Delivering Top-Talent Technicians

Our commitment to the industry runs deep. To help meet the ever-growing demand for talent, we’ve established training centers in key markets. These centers play a vital role in addressing the on-going need for highly-skilled technicians by providing advanced training for a variety of applications.

Our technician teams are cross-trained to install FTTP, IPTV, high-speed data modems, digital and analog television as well as digital telephone service. It’s an approach that allows us to move quickly and keep pace with the ever-changing demands of the industry. It also allows our technicians to continually grow as they expand their skillsets across a range of applications.

We’re proud to make this investment today knowing that all of us will benefit tomorrow.


At Your Service

Our experience allows us to provide greater flexibility to identify and adapt to your needs on short notice. Our skilled technicians take pride in what they do and deliver a high level of service to we keep your costs low. As one of the largest telecommunications managed service providers in the country, we’re able to offer unprecedented flexibility for our customers. We invest heavily in our local management teams. Why? Because we firmly believe that a strong team can work quickly with a high level of precision when empowered by leadership.

Let us make a positive impact on your customers.

We can provide you with managed:

  • GPON Installation and Repair
  • Business Technicians
  • I&R/I&M Technicians
  • Drop Techs
  • Cable Maintenance Technicians
  • Satellite Technicians
  • Central Office Technicians