In Florida, recent mergers and acquisitions of some of the top companies in the cable, satellite and Internet fields have resulted in big shakeups in the information-delivery industry. Those who are looking for hot jobs within the information technology and telecom field can benefit from exciting new opportunities created by a rapidly changing marketplace. In particular, if you are interested in work as a FIOS installer, you have exciting opportunities available to you right now in the Tampa, Florida area.

There are a lot of different reasons why you should consider a hot job as a FIOS installer in Tampa. Some of the biggest benefits to taking on work in this field include:

Sign-on Bonuses                                                       

The demand for qualified FIOS installers is so high with is the potential to earn as much as a $500 bonus for signing on to work. There is also the opportunity for employee referrals to net a bonus of $250.  This bonus money is a great incentive to start your career.

Paid Training

Those with the right qualifications can advance their skills in the field of fiber optic cable installation. Paid on-the-job training is available to learn the wiring and cabling skills that are essential if you wish to work for top employers in the industry.

Ample Job Opportunities

The demand for connectivity is growing, and FIOS is reaching into more and more places. As people increasingly want more information delivered at higher speeds, the market will only continue to expand. You can sign on now, get paid training in the field, and enjoy a market rich with opportunities for many years to come.

Good Job Benefits

You can not only receive a competitive salary when you sign on as a FIOS installer but may also be entitled to receive valuable job benefits including medical insurance.

If you are interested in taking advantage of open positions as a FIOS installer, contact WiseConnect now to find out about the hot jobs that are available. Our telecom staffing service will help you to find work quickly that will provide you with a promising start on an exciting career.

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