When your company wants to hire the best people, you need to make sure you give the impression your business is a great place to work. This starts with the creation of a high-quality website. More customers and potential employees will see your website before they end up seeing your office.  As a result, your website needs to make a great first impression to impress top talent in your industry.

Companies need to consider how their website appears not only to current and potential clients but also to people who might be industry leaders looking for new employment. To make sure your website gives off the right image to job seekers, consider these three areas.

1. Evaluate your website to determine how you can make it more engaging.

Your website should be easy to navigate, should contain interesting information and should demonstrate the best features of your business. If your website looks outdated and unexciting, then job candidates will think your company is boring. That might not be true, but it’s the first impression website users are getting of your telecom company.

2. Make it easy for applicants to search, and apply for, jobs.

You should have a separate menu where job seekers can go to learn about the open positions in your company. Make your open jobs searchable and provide a way for people to apply online. Be detailed in your job descriptions so candidates can determine if a position would be a good fit. Have calls to action throughout the website and make it easy for website visitors to engage with your company. If they have to search for a job board or Contact Us page, they may get frustrated and just move on to your competitor.

3. Provide blog content so you can show off your expertise.

With a blog, you have the opportunity to comment on new developments in your industry and to share your insight. Your blog can establish your company’s expertise and leadership in your marketplace so job seekers are enticed to come and work for your business. Blog posts also help with search engine optimization and bring organic traffic to your website.

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