Gigabit Internet is ultra-fast Internet which is about 100 times faster than the Internet connection normally provided by internet service providers. Gigabit Internet get its name from its speed of approximately one gigabit per second, or 1 Gbps. Gigabit Internet is the next generation of Internet service, and it achieves its lightning-fast speeds by delivering data over fiber optic lines.

Who Needs Gigabit Internet?

Gigabit Internet makes it possible to download 100 songs or photos in three seconds, or to download an HD movie in seven seconds.  Home users who are increasingly digitizing their lives and turning to digital entertainment could benefit from having more access faster than they imagined. For the home user, Gigabit Internet means no more waiting to watch movies or enjoy entertainment. It also makes it easier than ever to connect with friends and family and share photos in a split second. Business users, of course, are also embracing Gigabit Internet, and Gigabit Internet is increasingly the choice of governments, educational institutions, large companies and municipalities.

Where Can You Find Gigabit Internet?

Gigabit Internet, unfortunately, isn’t available everywhere. The good news is, there are cities that are installing these networks as economic development initiatives including Kansas City, KA; Chattanooga, TN; Lafayette, LA; Lansing MI; Bristol, VA; Morristown, TN; Burlington VT; Springfield VT; Omaha NE; Tullahoma, TN; Minneapolis, MN; Cedar Falls, IA; Seattle, WA; San Francisco, CA; Austin, TX; Provo, UT; Wilson, CN; Melrose, MN; Portland, OR; Bloomer, WI and many more. A total of 50 U.S. cities already have gigabit Internet and more locations are coming soon.

Why Opt for Gigabit Internet

Municipalities are installing Gigabit Internet to try to attract the tech industries to their locales.  Communities hope that when Gigabit Internet is available, it will create a competitive advantage.  Whatever cities can do to attract or keep business helps the local economy. Anything local municipalities can do to keep business assists the citizens and continues to grow and develop the region.

For companies in the telecom field, the increased demand for Gigabit Internet provides ample opportunities to install fiber optic connections and build strong networks. Reach out to Wiseconnect today so our telecom staffing service can help you expand your staff and get your business ready to meet the growing demand for Gigabit Internet.

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