When you are applying for a job, it’s a very competitive situation. While you don’t know who you are competing against, you can be rest assured that dozens of other job candidates want the same prize you are after. Your resume is the first impression you make and needs to be great to get your foot in the door.

Unfortunately, many job seekers make mistakes during the application process that end up costing them their dream job. You don’t want to be one of them! To help you have the best chance possible of finding meaningful work in a position you love, avoid these application mistakes.

Failing to follow instructions

Many job ads will provide specific details on how you should apply. If you don’t follow the instructions, you’ve immediately proved you aren’t good at taking direction or paying attention to detail. This can be disqualifying and your application may not be given consideration. If the job description asks for your resume in a PDF format, find a free converter online. Don’t send your resume as a Microsoft Word document.

Not changing your resume to meet the job description

When you submit a generic resume, you lose the opportunity to highlight why you would be great at a specific job. You also miss out on the chance to show that you cared enough to make an effort. Employers may not give your resume as much consideration as someone who has tailored their skills and criteria to better match the job description. Yes, it takes time to change your resume each time, but you will see better results in your job search. This process also might show you if your skill set is the right fit for this job opening.

Not proofreading

Your resume and cover letter are your introductions to a potential employer. If you’ve made mistakes in these important documents, this makes a bad first impression. Employers may be left wondering what other situations you may be prone to making errors in. Print out your resume and conduct the proofreading with a hard copy. You will find different errors than scanning on your computer monitor or tablet. Find a friend or family member who you don’t mind sharing the document with and have them provide honest feedback.

Failing to fully answer questions

Whether a job application or an interviewer asks you questions, you need to make sure you answer what is being asked. Use the opportunity to provide details the employer is looking for so you can show off why you would be a good fit for the position. Show how you provide value to the company and why they should hire you as opposed to the other job candidates.

By avoiding these errors, you can ensure you don’t make a disqualifying mistake that can cost you opportunities.  Wiseconnect can help you to find great employers who are hiring so you’ll get a chance to make a good impression.  Contact our telecommunications staffing service today to learn more about how we can help with your job search.

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