Your employees are your greatest asset, and you need your employees to be in the best state of mind possible.  Healthy employees are less likely to call in sick or to drive up your insurance costs.  Developing an employee wellness plan can help you to do your part to ensure your staff is as healthy as possible. Not only do you benefit from having workers who are able to do more on the job and avoid missing days, but the wellness program may also increase motivation and reduce turnover as your staff feels you’re making a commitment to their well-being.

To ensure your employee wellness program provides the maximum benefit and is as successful as it can be, here are three tips to consider.

Make your program a workplace priority

Too often, employers offer wellness programs that workers don’t take advantage of. You want to ensure you are reaching the maximum number of staff members with your program and that your program is seen as an integral part of the workplace environment. Consider encouraging employees to stretch throughout the day or to take part in a company 5K or bike challenge. You should also push water consumption throughout the workday. Anything you can provide to make it easier for employees to participate in those activates or change their behaviors will get even more buy-in.

Consider options which will work well for your staff

Some staff members are more health conscious than others, but you want your wellness program to work for everyone. Ask staff members what types of health and fitness options they are interested in and try to implement different activities and programs for people at all levels of physical fitness.

Don’t ignore the mental side

Not everyone wants to participate in physical wellness activities with their co-workers. They want to keep that in their personal lives. However, wellness doesn’t end with the sweaty workout clothes. Think about ways you can reach more employees through non-physical activities: guest speakers, online videos, volunteering, etc.

Find ways to reward workers who participate

A wellness program will help you lower health costs and reduce sick days, so your company benefits directly from motivated staff who take part. Find ways to reward workers who help your company to achieve its wellness goals. This could include special recognition, celebrations or bonus incentives, or other appropriate perks that are well-suited to your staff members.

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