Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) has become the evolving television technology of the modern era and can usher in a new wave of on-demand content for consumers who are moving away from the traditional cable or satellite TV model. IPTV makes it possible to deliver television services through Internet protocol over Internet networks instead of through cables or satellite. As consumers embrace the opportunity to get massive amounts of content at the push of a button, telecom service providers are in an endless race to deploy video faster and in better forms than competitors. As a result, demand for qualified IPTV workers is high.

If you’re looking for a job in IPTV in North Carolina, you can find many great opportunities. Wiseconnect has open positions available right now in the IPTV industry for qualified workers. Those who are interested in this hot job will enjoy the following benefits:

Strong potential for job growth

IPTV workers are classified as telecommunications installers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects demand for workers in this field to grow by four percent. In a time when many industries are changing and jobs are disappearing, it can bring you peace-of-mind to work in a growing industry with rising demand. Stability in your career is underrated until you are laid off.

Good wages and benefits

The median wage for IPTV workers and others who install telecom services is $26.53. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates the median wage for employees across all professions is $17.09 per hour. This means you’ll likely be working for wages well above the median when you find an IPTV job in North Carolina. Depending on your exact location in North Carolina, the cost of living will vary. As a while, North Carolina is slightly below average in cost of living, especially in housing.

Exciting work

More than 200 million households throughout the United States now have broadband Internet service, and all of those households are potential IPTV customers. The traditional cable and satellite model is the technology of yesterday, and you can be part of implementing the change and helping to deliver content in new and innovative ways.

Yet another big benefit of this hot job is there are positions available right now to work as an IPTV technician or installer in North Carolina. Contact Wiseconnect now to find out if work as an IPTV tech is right for you and to explore opportunities within this growing industry.

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