A job search can be stressful, which can undermine your happiness. You need to stay positive and motivated as you look for your next career opportunity.  Employers want to hire workers who seem upbeat, not demoralized, and your life both inside and outside of work will be far improved if you can maintain a good attitude.

To keep up your mood and be happier as you look for your next position, here are a few key things to avoid:

Comparing yourself to others:

It is easy to begin to feel disheartened about your own career prospects when you compare yourself to other people in your network who may be working in careers they love.  The reality, however, is everyone’s employee situation hits bumps in the road at some time and your career trajectory is unique to you.  You’ll find your niche eventually, and in the meantime, don’t worry about what other people are doing. Use other people to find out where they were successful. Take applicable areas and consider how they apply to your situation.

Waiting for a “lucky break:

” If you are passively waiting for something great to happen, your job search could last a long time. It could become increasingly difficult to maintain a positive attitude as your big break never comes through. Good things come to those who look for them and you have the opportunity to create your own lucky break. Be proactive about getting out there, looking for job opportunities and building your professional network. When a great position comes open you will be the first to hear of it. You’ll be prepared for that big break. It might show up on your doorstep, but if you aren’t ready to take advantage then it will make its way to the next option.

Giving in to jealousy when others are successful

: When you are jealous of the success of others, it can make you bitter to think you aren’t achieving your own career success right now. Instead of lamenting the fact someone else was successful, be happy for them and remain confident your own great envy-making opportunity will come along. No one is going to be happy if they are just sulking and talking about the success of their friends or acquaintances.

Being afraid to admit you need help:

Staffing services and staffing professionals help to find career opportunities. Take advantage of their expertise to get on the path to find a position you’ll be happy in. There’s nothing wrong in admitting that you can utilize other resources to help your career. In fact, it’s more mature and professional to admit your shortcomings and seek out ways to fill those gaps.

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