The Internet of Things is getting bigger as more devices become connected and more people embrace smart technologies at home and at work. The Internet of Things has expanded far beyond computers to include smart watches, fitness bands, fridges, vehicles, TVs, kitchen appliances, medical devices and a wide variety of other products people use on a daily basis. The Internet of Things allows for increased control, increased automation and increased personalization, and new objects are becoming part of the Internet of Things every day.

As more of peoples’ lives are connected, security is going to become more important than ever. This leads to concerns about the vulnerabilities and securities flaws on the technologies that people increasingly rely on. The bad news is, there is plenty of reason for concern – but the good news is there also plenty of opportunities to improve security so that consumers can embrace the expansion of the Internet of Things without worry.

So, what does your organization need to know about the security of the Internet of Things?

  • One study shows as many as 70 percent of common Internet of Things devices have serious flaws in security. Only 10 percent of all devices on the Internet of Things even use encrypted networks, which means other networks are all vulnerable to manipulation.
  • Virtually all connected devices could pose a security risk. Even computers making up the National Air Traffic Control system have been found vulnerable to hacking.
  • Medical devices, like pacemakers, are Internet-connected and lives could be at risk if hackers are able to gain access. The FDA has guidelines about encryption, but the guidelines are voluntary and not mandatory.
  • Wireless self-driving cars could be taken over by simple devices that allow the vehicle’s function to be taken over.

These are just a few examples of security concerns that are arising as more and more devices become connected. Building strong and secure networks will become more important as the Internet of Things expands and more people embrace a fully equipped smart home and smart workplace.

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