When employees leave your organization, it is important to find out why. Many people don’t speak up about problems or issues while they are still working for a company because they fear for their jobs. An exit interview provides a unique opportunity for your organization to find out what employees really think about corporate culture and work experience.  By taking advantage of the information you learn from an exit interview, you can make changes in the future that are aimed at reducing turnover and boosting employee morale.

While an exit interview can be an invaluable source of essential info, too many companies aren’t sure where to start when it comes to an effective exit interview. These tips can help your organization to make the most of the process.

Put time into developing the exit interview process.

Instead of just creating a new format each time a candidate leaves, develop a concrete set of goals and guidelines for exit interviews. What do you hope to accomplish? Learning about why an employee is leaving and finding out how you can reduce turnover in the future are usually key goals, but think about all of the information you want to obtain that can benefit your business.

Have someone conduct the interview who can get real feedback.

The exit interview shouldn’t be conducted by the person who is going to be giving a reference to the departing employee. It shouldn’t be conducted by someone the departing employee won’t be comfortable being honest with, as that will defeat the purpose of a meaningful exit interview. Carefully consider who is best equipped to remain objective and get honest answers to questions. That person can work in human resources or be anyone who is viewed as a neutral, objective party.

Ask real questions of departing candidates.

Avoid questions that are too vague or too general to give you real insight into corporate culture. Be specific about the issues that you want to make sure are addressed, and ask detailed questions that can elicit honest answers that provide real details. You want to learn about the workplace environment that your employees experience on the job every day.

Learn from the answers that are provided.

When feedback is provided, have a process for incorporating suggestions and making changes that you deem are important, based on the employee’s info.

Your organization needs to make sure you foster a positive corporate culture, and that you have a great team who will be loyal to your business and help it to grow. Wiseconnect can help you to build a staff you can trust in the telecommunications industry.  Contact our professional telecommunication staffing team today to learn more.

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