Networking is one of the best ways to find new employment opportunities, as you can leverage your connections to learn about job openings and use connections to get your foot in the door with hiring managers. It’s not easy to land new jobs, but if you have done a great job networking prior to when you have to ask for a favor, then that connection can help you when you need some assistance. While everyone knows the importance of networking, far too many job seekers aren’t exactly sure what it takes to be successful at making solid connections.

To be as effective at networking as you can possibly be, you need to start off by making a powerful first impression. A strong introduction can help you to set a great tone, and these tips can help you to get started right:

Give your full name.

Giving your full name as part of your networking opening line can help you to come across as stronger and more professional. Those who you meet are also going to be more likely to remember your full name, and will subconsciously respond to the vibe you are giving off that says you are someone worth knowing and respecting. Just saying your first name will make it difficult for a new connection to remember you in future interactions, especially if you have a common name. However, saying your entire name has a greater chance to improve a future connection.

Be sharp and assertive with your initial salutation.

A crisp, brief “hello” along with your full name immediately makes a memorable impression. There’s a big subconscious difference between “Hiiii, I’m Sue and-” versus saying “Hello, Tim Smith.” The latter can make you seem more powerful and in control, and is likely to make a much more solid impression on people you meet. Even if you are nervous, portraying confidence through your introduction gets the conversation off on the right foot.

Remember, you have just five-to-ten seconds to make your initial introduction.

You only get one chance to make a first impression and most people make snap judgments quickly. You have only five-to-ten seconds to give off a vibe that is going to shape your future interactions. A quick, firm handshake, eye contact and assertively saying your name lets you make the most of this brief, 10-second interval. If you have a mutual connection, mention their name very early in the conversation as that can get everything started on the right foot.

Following these tips for a good introduction is going to go a long way towards making your networking efforts successful. With extensive recruiting experience in a niche industry, Wiseconnect is confident we can match you with the telecom assignment that best fits your skill set. Contact our great team today to work with a top telecom staffing agency.

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