The job of an installation and repair technician in Minneapolis is an exciting career. You get to be in the field, doing work to help bring technology into broader residential and commercial markets. Being in the field and working independently means your days never get boring. Combining that exciting work with high demand for I&R professionals means plenty of opportunities for job growth.

If you have the skills and qualifications, you can find a job as an I&R technician in Minneapolis now with the help of Wiseconnect. There is an immediate need for qualified technicians, so you can hit the ground running at this new hot job. Benefits and advantages of working as an I&R Technician through Wiseconnect include:

  • The opportunity for steady work. I&R technician jobs are available today as there is intensive demand for installation and servicing of Pots and DSL equipment. Employment opportunities within this field are only expected to grow, so hitting the ground running means you can get in with a great company where you can work for a long time or you can boost your resume. Those opportunities and experience mean you will be a prime hire for other organizations looking for I&R technicians.
  • The opportunity to earn a good living. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average pay for I&R technicians exceeds the national average. Not only can you get a good-paying job with good benefits, but there may even be referral bonuses available for signing on because demand for I&R technicians is so high. The annual salary in Minneapolis for a telecommunication line installer and repairer is $44,360, while telecommunications equipment installers and repairers are┬ámore than 20 percent higher at $53,700.
  • The opportunity for interesting work. I&R technicians will be putting their tech and computer skills to work to bring technology to the residential and the consumer market. Every day is different in the field as you tackle unique challenges for each site where installs and repairs take place.

When you have the telecommunications skills and experience to work as an I&R technician, you have a great career waiting for you. Contact Wiseconnect today to learn about how our telecommunications staffing service can help you to find hot jobs that are available right now as an I&R technician with some of the top telecommunications companies in the Minneapolis area.

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