An election year always brings lots of promises from politicians from all political parties. While topics of discussion during a campaign focus on a wide variety of issues, one area that has become ever more important in recent years involves issues related to technology.  Access to technology, and specifically broadband Internet access, has become more important than ever in the information age.  Some candidates are recognizing the increasing need for everyone to be online and are establishing lofty goals that have turned broadband access into an election issue.

As many as 55 million Americans are not able to get reliable access to the Internet, but plans are emerging that could change all that. For example:

  • Hillary Clinton has unveiled a $275 billion infrastructure package, which includes a section on getting Americans connected to broadband. Clinton is also focused on helping to ensure every citizen is provided with assistance and education necessary to learn digital literacy skills so they can make the most of newfound online access.
  • Bernie Sanders has promised to set aside $5 billion per year through 2019 to provide expanded access to broadband Internet to underserved communities.
  • Marco Rubio introduced a bill with Senator Cory Booker with the goal of opening up spectrum for WiFi use, but most Republicans have not yet announced their plans for expanding broadband infrastructure.

The fact that candidates are proposing plans specifically focused on broadband access is a signal that Internet infrastructure is now considered as vital as electrical access, roads, and bridges.  When candidates push for new access for more citizens, this means companies will need to provide it. New users also mean demands for bandwidth will grow, providing opportunities for upgrading to new technologies that allow for faster and more efficient delivery of larger amounts of information.

With so many exciting ongoing developments in the telecom industry, it is important your organization is prepared for anything that comes your way in 2016.  Having a great staff means you’ll be ready to meet rising demand as efforts are made to expand broadband connectivity to underserved populations.  Wiseconnect can help you to connect with qualified candidates who will be assets to your organization as the broadband market grows. Contact our telecommunications staffing firm today to learn more.

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