Today, most job candidates use the Internet to make connections and to check out potential employers. When you are competing for top talent, you want to make sure you make the Internet work for you. LinkedIn is the most widely used professional networking site, and you want to ensure you have built a strong LinkedIn brand so your organization will be attractive to the industry leaders you are trying to hire.

Because LinkedIn provides such a great way to reach potential candidates, it is a smart choice to make sure you are using the site to its full potential. The following tips will help.

Scan mutual connections.

Networking is all about leveraging relationships. If there are candidates your company are interested in hiring, find out if you have shared business relationships. When someone you know makes the introduction, you have a greater chance of being able to build from that introduction to eventually hire a qualified new staff member for your organization.

Search in groups for potential prospects.

Industry leaders usually participate in groups and make helpful contributions to discussions. By scanning groups, you can find out who is dominating the conversation in a positive way and who has some of the best ideas. You can reach out to potential job prospects that you find are respected members of groups within your industry.

Post content to your personal and company pages.

LinkedIn is not just about you searching for job candidates. Potential hires are also going to turn to the site to find out more about what working for your company will be like. If you have posts that are updated on your company pages, you can show how innovative your organization is. These posts can put your organization in a positive light and make it appear like a more attractive place to work. Potential job candidates interested in career growth will be more inclined to consider applying for jobs you are offering.

Comment on posts and links and follow up.

Commenting on posts and following up allows you to start a relationship with potential candidates. If you connect and the candidate seems like a good fit, you can build from there.

By following these tips, your organization’s LinkedIn networking can help demonstrate your innovation to top talent so you can attract industry leaders. While online networking is great, nothing beats getting professional help from a telecommunication staffing service that has experience and a vast network of qualified job candidates.  Wiseconnect is a trusted staffing service in the telecom industry. Give us a call now to find out more about how our staffing professionals can help you to reach a wide pool of candidates who may be an asset to your organization.

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